Having reviewed the Kernow Light Guards (KLG), I decided to further protect our headlights from stones. They are becoming increasingly rare and expensive, so hang the expense, I’ll do it. Whilst at it I decided to fit some mesh to protect the radiator, but more on that later.

The KLGs are pretty light duty and will only stop lighter brush and branches. They certainly won’t stop stones flicked up from the road. CVC offer a set of well made, crystal clear covers that simply clip into the headlight recess on the radiator grill. They take minutes to fit and allow the KLGs to remain in place.

Once your done, clean the headlights as you won’t be able too once the grill is refitted and fit the grill to the van. Not much else to say really. Nice quality and easy to fit. Absolutely crystal clear too, so there should be no light degradation. Time will tell how they stand up to the rigours of travelling, but they look hopeful.

Note: take care if fitting with KLGs as they might push the headlamp adjusters out of place.

CVC Acrylic Headlight Protectors

I did take the time to fit some aluminium mesh, simply by zip tying it to the reverse of the grill, taking time to cut around the clips etc. Hopefully this will also stop stones hitting the radiator and making holes.


By thelittleredbus