I looked long and hard at the assortment of very expensive cargo boxes that are out there for Land Rovers and other 4x4s and they all struck me as expensive for what is just a box. Granted they need to be rugged, have water and dust proof lids which stay on and ideally be lockable.

Looking for an alternative, I found that a British Company called “The Really Useful Box” company made a huge range of similar boxes, using recycled plastics. They are available in translucent white or solid black, which is what we opted for. The 50 litre boxes are about the same size as the others such as Wolf boxes and the 65 litre box has the same footprint but is taller. They have snug fitting lids which have so far proved to be water tight when sat on the roof rack since summer.

The lids overlap the edges and the sides are straight. They are held on by plastic carrying handles which lock positively over the lid, even with webbing restraining straps through them. Where they overlap (on the 50 litre box at any rate), there is a double lip that would allow you to drill a hole each side for a padlock, which is what I have done. The manufacturer makes some tell tale tabs that fit into the handles but they don’t so much lock the box, rather they indicate if it’s been tampered with.

As well as the big cargo boxes they make a huge assortment of smaller storage boxes, suitable for use inside and can hold tools, first aid kits, spares, odds and ends. I’ve stipulated that any storage boxes in the van must have properly fitting dust proof lids and be stackable and rugged. These fit the bill.

I’ll update this once we’ve had some bad weather, but the recent rain and wind hasn’t permeated into the boxes on the roof.

Price £15 upwards (for 50 litre) with some better deals on eBay for twin packs etc. This makes them about half the price of the other makes.

Available from B&Q, Amazon and Staples to name a few, also eBay.

By thelittleredbus