So you want a pedestal img_4264leg table in your van but don’t want to cut a hole in the floor? Having a Syncro I really didn’t want to have even more ways for the water to get inside the van. Enter the Sequoia system.

It is a unique system that uses a low profile bayonet style floor plate which you screw down and an interlocking leg mechanism. The leg drops into the floor plate and the three lugs engage with it when you rotate the leg to secure the table.

Oops, should have cleaned the floor, but we’ve been off roading and the van is full of mud… sorry. And those screws need replacing 😳

The leg is slightly thinner than a standard Fiamma (or equivalent) leg, but has an adapter on the top to allow it to engage with a standard table fitting (although it also comes with one). This means you can still use your table top with your other Fiamma accessories and legs, such as a tripod base if you want to dismount the table top and use it freestanding outdoors. The Sequoia locking mechanism means you can’t use the Sequoia leg with anything other than the floor plate. The floor plate has a tight fitting cover to keep dirt out and prevent you stubbing your toes on it, plus it’s very low profile. The red marks were added by me, just so you can see if it is coming unlocked – this doesn’t usually happen unless you spin the table anti-clockwise and being a tight fit maybe the leg could rotate with it. It’s just my own precaution.

In our van it’s not quite as stable as a through floor mount, but that will depend on well how you bolt it down. Our is screwed into the chequerplate floor protection, a legacy from fire truck days, which is fine but has a little flex. You could even have several different positions using multiple floor mounts – after all you’re not cutting any holes and the floor plates are available separately. It’s a good piece of kit and we are very happy with it.

It is available in several different finishes from several outlets (Google it), but we bought ours from Chippys Workshop (nice guys and they also make funky table tops to order). Price around £55.

By thelittleredbus