A voyage of Scottish discovery

So we always intended to break ourselves in gently and accordingly to start with an unbounded trip around Scotland, broadly following the North Coast 500 (NC500), but not not rigidly sticking to it. By unbounded, we mean not constrained by time and campsites: we will go when the whim takes us, for as long as … Continue reading A voyage of Scottish discovery

The adventure begins soon…….

All being well we will begin by setting off to the north of England in late August, before hand railing the North Coast 500 (NC500), not following it closely, deviating to include the Orkney Islands, Hebrides and Cairngorms. This will serve as a shakedown, not for the van but for us. We haven’t properly lived … Continue reading The adventure begins soon…….

Getting away from it all in Northumberland. Part 1

So after our marathon run to Lake Garda at Easter (4900km round trip), we decided to stay closer to home and catch up with family and friends in England. It's easy to forget what a beautiful little island (albeit sometimes a bit wet) this is. We planned to take a trip to the North East … Continue reading Getting away from it all in Northumberland. Part 1

So, it’s been a bit quiet around here…

We have been out and about a bit lately, but haven't posted much. So there will be an update soon. In the mean time the Little Red Bus got a full polish to remove all the oxidisation from the red paint. It's now gleaming red not a dull, flat, matt and horrible! Update follow shortly... … Continue reading So, it’s been a bit quiet around here…