Magical Isles – Lewis &Harris

Ok, it’s been a while and this is a bit late…. I’ll explain later. Vanlife doesn’t always go to plan. I’ll finish up the Scottish trip over the next few days, then catch you all up on some van stuff and our ongoing winter exploits….. in Eastern Europe! After a few days in the Isle … Continue reading Magical Isles – Lewis &Harris

And on to a mystical land…… Skye

We previously visited Skye several years ago and to be honest we felt like we had done it wrong. We took our old T4 over by ferry and after a few days, left feeling rather disappointed and unsure what the fuss was all about. Perhaps we had been too hasty and had not afforded Skye … Continue reading And on to a mystical land…… Skye

The skirl of the (German?!) bagpipes echo across the land….

Having said our goodbyes, we set off further north to explore some castles and maybe chase a waterfall or two. The Scottish weather was keen that any prospective falls were at their best and obliged with plenty of rain and wind - which kept the midgies at bay (mostly)…. Ardvreck Castle and the shell of … Continue reading The skirl of the (German?!) bagpipes echo across the land….

To Points North of Ullapool

Having literally just crossed the country from Fort William to near Inverness, we now had to recross again and route up through Ullapool and catch up with our other friends at a campsite called Port A Bhaigh. The run was scenic and took us up the side of Loch Glascarnough, a fast and easy run … Continue reading To Points North of Ullapool

And so on deeper into Scotland

When we left home, we did so with no itinerary or end date, but we had agreed to meet friends up around Ullapool, so set off in that general direction. I say general direction, because the simplest way to get to Ullapool is via the opposite side of the country, Inverness! Google it, it’s true! … Continue reading And so on deeper into Scotland

A voyage of Scottish discovery

So we always intended to break ourselves in gently and accordingly to start with an unbounded trip around Scotland, broadly following the North Coast 500 (NC500), but not not rigidly sticking to it. By unbounded, we mean not constrained by time and campsites: we will go when the whim takes us, for as long as … Continue reading A voyage of Scottish discovery

The adventure begins soon…….

All being well we will begin by setting off to the north of England in late August, before hand railing the North Coast 500 (NC500), not following it closely, deviating to include the Orkney Islands, Hebrides and Cairngorms. This will serve as a shakedown, not for the van but for us. We haven’t properly lived … Continue reading The adventure begins soon…….