A little TLC for Loki

Loki has always needed a little love. After standing in a field for several years, the wet grass around his undercarriage and the pounding of British weather had taken its toll on his body. His previous owner had made a good start on much of the rust that had developed but when he came to us, he was sorry looking. Worst of all, he looked like an old dog with runny eyes and a bit of conjunctivitis. The corners of the windscreen had many layers of paint and rust converter to try and slow the inevitable water creeping inside, but to no avail. He leaked… He leaked badly…. everything inside was always damp and the footwells were full of water. I had removed the mats and lifted the original sound deadening, rust treatingĀ and painting the floor panels, but unless I got the water to stay out, there was no point.

So, last weekend we took him to see the metal doctor and left him in his care. Today, I received a progress report and am pleased to say he is well on the way to recovery. No major issues uncovered and the panels below the windscreen and behind the front deformation panel are off! The new panels will be on by the end of the week and a coat of primer applied to protect him. More info as I get it, but here’s what I have to date:

Update: Loki came home in time for Christmas with his new face fitted and resplendent in the colour which will eventually be all over. As well as the new front panels, several other repairs were also completed to the load bed and for the first time, he’s watertight!


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