Well, they were off anyway…

So, having popped the grill off to fit the Headlight Protectors, I decided it was time to fit some stiff mesh to provide a degree of protection for the radiator grill. It’s very hard to get to the radiator if it needs repairing, so stopping it getting damaged in the first place makes sense.

Its nothing special and this is a very quick update. I simply bought some aluminium mesh from ebay, the type used by auto tuners to make stylish grills on souped up boy racers machines. Very cheap at £10 for two large sheets. As it turned out I only needed the one sheet, but I’ll find a use for the other I’m sure. Cut to shape with wire snippets and zip tie to the back of the grill, ensuring that all the clips and fasteners can still work. Repeat for the lower grill. And that’s it!

One point of note, the mesh comes in different sizes so you need to think about what size you want in order to allow good airflow without letting too many stones through. Also remove all the sharp points and rough edges so as not to damage the paintwork when refitting.


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