It’s been a little quiet around here!

Although the blog has been a little quiet, things have continued to be busy for the Little Red Bus. No sooner had we returned from Norway than we were away camping at a very cosy little VW van meeting, Dubs at the Farm. Whilst there, Recce and Viking Girl won the category best T25/T3 in show, even though both were covered in the grime from our 3500 mile trip around Scandinavia.


The next couple of months included several events including Syncropendence, a Syncro only van meeting in the heart of Wales run by the Club 8090 Syncronauts, with off-roading and social fun for all. The format is a wild camping site with no facilities, meaning everyone has to be self sufficient. There are driver skills courses, induction training for new drivers and recovery training for those more adventurous drivers and crews, as well as several trails to drive up in the beautiful mountains of Wales.

Then in early July came Camper Jam, one of the biggest and best VW van events in the UK. The Syncronauts once again ran their charity off-roading event, taking fare paying visitors around a tricky quarry course to raise money for The Brain Cancer Trust. The five drivers, many volunteer marshals and helpers gave up a lot of time, fuel and sweat (and a couple of tyres) over the two days raising £1700 for the charity. Well done guys!

Throughout it all, the Little Red Bus behaved impeccably, getting lots of attention wherever it goes and will be the subject of a future magazine article. There was even a professional photo shoot. Details will follow when we have the publication date.

Summer is here (despite how it might seem) and the Little Red Bus will continue to have adventures. Stay tuned for more info.

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