Portable Shower

D0133EA8-FF0E-4E55-92F9-497E64BDAE20So when you’ve been away for a while and the time comes for a personal clean up, thoughts turn to showers and a hair washing etc. But unless you are driving a big van with a proper shower, you are probably looking at paying to park in camp site or perhaps using a local leisure centre or swimming pool shower. But what if you are away from civilisation or you want a rinse after swimming or getting sweaty kayaking or walking? Well, there are several options on the market, ranging from gas fired water heaters to the basic black rubber bag solar shower. As we don’t have a gas supply on board and the black bags are pretty basic and a bit weak, we wanted a better option.

BA5CAF4B-F439-4C04-9116-2EAE2A983267Enter the Laserbeak Rechargeable Shower. This little device recharges via USB and holds a substantial charge in its 4800mah battery (up to 60 minutes apparently), which is easily enough for two people to take a leisurely shower.

The shower comprises a shower head with a decent spray pattern, a flexible 6ft hose, a suction shower mount, charging cable and bag, plus the combined power supply, filter and submersible pump. Its  a lot better than you expect for about £35 on Amazon!

It has two flow rates; 3L per min and 4L per min, which equates to a 20L jerry can of water every 5 mins or so. All delivered at a good pressure via a proper shower nozzle.

A1BA7ED4-8434-4332-B288-1339F7C4ED81All the controls are on the top of the submersible pump, which is I suppose the only down side as you need to switch it on and drop it into your water supply, then pull it back out every time you want to switch it off again. But to be honest, that’s not that big a deal. We always use the 4L flow rate, so never have to change that.

If you have a large black jerry can that can be left in direct sunlight, it will heat up the water significantly, but a kettle or two of hot water added into  the tank will quickly give you a steaming hot shower.

So is it a quality item? It is to be honest, the only thing we found that was a bit poor was the pin that attached the suction pad to the locking mechanism was off centre and needed fettling. That’s it, to be honest its brilliant!!


This is readily available from Amazon and we recommend it, its such a great piece of kit all be it a bit of a luxury. Shower Here!





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