How it all began….

We have had several VW vans over the years, always T4 Transporters, the type usually associated as with plumbers and builders (who have good taste) Our last one was affectionately known as “Happy” and we adored our time in him. Bought as an empty panel van from eBay, we started by adding insulation and carpet lining to the panels. Some blackout curtains and window tints gave us privacy and we had the upholstery customised. We travelled all around the UK and Europe, attending shows and just camping and having loads of fun. Happy was a 1.9TD, which we added an VW T4 2.5Tdi intercooler and hi-flow injectors, an upgraded fifth gear from a Golf, making it a much nicer drive. Sachs HD dampers usually fitted to ambulances gave it a 50mm drop, but stiffened up the suspension making it better over rougher ground, stopping the 18″ alloys rubbing on the wheel arches. The side bars are atainless and with the roof bars and spoiler, really set the van off. Equipped with a double bed, 12v beer fridge and LED lights, all run from 2 x 110Ah leisure batteries.

With the addition of a diesel powered heater we camped all year around, notably down to minus 12 degrees in Ecclefechan, Scotland where we had a superb, if not slightly odd night in a local pub. They were burning old pallets in the fireplace and the only people there were the landlord, his daughter and a Canadian oil rig worker. We sat round burning the pallets, laughing and joking whilst drinking all through the huge selection of whisky on the top shelf. Singleton Malt…. stunning with a drop of water. Yum! Camping is fun all year round, you meet great people and have some memories in the bank.

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