Ok, so here goes….

This is us. Not very photogenic I know, but we will rarely take selfies and mostly we will just show you the bus and stunning shots of wherever we visit. Promise.


That’s Lake Bled in Slovenia by the way…

Fiona and I have very different views and ways of expressing ourselves. Both of us will write in this blog and in the kit reviews etc. I tend to be matter of fact and probably somewhat to the point. Fiona on the other hand is more…. shall we say whimsical.

So hopefully we will provide you with reports that are fun, accurate and expressed from two quite different points of view. Enjoy and feel free to comment and ask questions.

2 thoughts on “Ok, so here goes….

  1. Brilliant blog you two and Jenny and I are going to be avid followers in what promises to be a hugely entertaining odyssey as you head toward global trekking!


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