Three go mad in Norway!

IMG_0854So on Friday night, three Syncros set off from the home on route to the mountains of Norway. The plan is to travel through Denmark, into Sweden, then cross into Norway around Oslo, hopefully hooking up with some locals for a few nights in the mountains wild camping. In total around 15 nights away.


Each vehicle has a very different set up, but all have Eberspacher diesel heaters and all vehicles run on diesel. The first day was long, very long. We crossed via the Eurotunnel into Calais at 0635, then drove to Brugge for beer and supplies. Then, apart from a couple of fuel stops we pressed on into northern Germany, just north of Munich. The next morning we headed for Legoland in Billund, Denmark. At total run of five countries, 1200km (from the tunnel exit) in just over 30 hours! All vans behaved well and we arrived in Legoland safely.

More will follow shortly, next time I can get decent internet.

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