Three go mad in Norway Pt2

Ok, so what’s with the Chinese dragon? On the way to Norway, in central Denmark is the town of Billund. This is the stuff of dreams for children and adults alike, because it’s the home of Legoland!

Legoland was more theme park than expected, with roller coasters etc. But the Lego exhibits were stunning. The rides are ok but very short, although once you pay the entrance fee, that’s it. Food as you’d expect was extortionate, £48 for a salad and a burger & chips! There are picnic areas for you to eat your own food. You also pay to park. Afterwards we set off to find a campsite nearer to the crossing point with Sweden. We also decided it was time to go in disguise and try to blend in!

The crossing to Copenhagen island was over a stunning bridge, with incredible views. However the much anticipated crossing to Malmo was somewhat anticlimactic. Both were very expensive, albeit cheaper than a ferry crossing (£20 & £30 respectively).  Still, undeterred and sporting our natty beards, we headed to Hölviken Viking settlement. Although off season, it is an excellent short stop location with many houses to visit and a small but informative museum. Many of the exhibits normally have live actors explaining them, but being off season they weren’t manned, so they only charged a nominal amount.

Next stop Gothenburg…… or not?

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