Not Precious About Paint!

It was about time we went back out and explored the countryside around beautiful Shropshire. As the Loki the Doka was off the road having his rear brakes drums overhauled, this meant that Recce would not only be used as a camper, but would be put through his paces off roading in the lanes and streams around Church Stretton and Wenlock Edge. Having been repainted a couple of years ago and only used in the lanes infrequently, it was overdue.

We were joined by our friends Jim, Geoff, Jane, Ben and Cathy, all driving T3 Syncros, but each totally different from each other. The lanes were challenging, many overgrown and undriven. Several required time spent removing excess undergrowth and odd fallen tree, but we never turned back once. Aside from a noisy exhaust rattle (loose bracket, quickly fixed), Recce performed perfectly as did the others.

Credit to Jim Withington for the first video (not sure about his music choices though – not having Sally there might be something to do with it!). Credit to Cathy Wetherden for the second and third video, braving the bugs and rain in the lane.

And this is one of the reasons we did it – the view from Stiperstones. Beautiful!



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