Check your fuel lines!


Not Recce this time, but Loki the Doka. We had Loki’s fuel tank rebuilt about two years ago and all the fuel lines and breathers were replaced.


But in the last few months, whenever the fuel tank was filled up, there was a lingering petrol smell, that despite searching and checking all the lines again, couldn’t be traced.

So whilst refurbishing the rear brake drums, I had the opportunity to look closer at the filler and suspected that the grommet between the fuel filler and tank as weeping. But on closer inspection, I noticed the breather line was seriously cracked, as seen above. This breather is easily overlooked being inside the wheel arch, but it’s easy to replace. The fuel line is a specific type and quite expensive, but with petrol you can’t risk it! All you need is a 7mm ring spanner and patience (there’s not much room in there). Undo the clips, replace the line and tighten back up. Simples!

Be sure to use high quality fuel line, as modern fuels quickly degrade cheap stuff. For my fuel lines I only use those products supplied by Brickwerks.

Brickwerks Fuel Hose & Fittings


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