So now we are three!

It’s been a while since we published anything. COVID 19 changed the worlds landscape and we focussed on home life and built a deck and a nice greenhouse so we could pretend we were overseas.

Locally known as “The Edam Project” a bit of a cheesy in joke!
Very civilised!

The van barely moved, but fired up first time. Corrosion is once again creeping back in along the seams, but that’s a job for another day.

We changed our leisure batteries for Lithium and changed our solar controller to MPPT – reviews will follow soon!

Finally, we have added a travelling companion to our family, a gorgeous 5 year old Romania rescue dog called Lukaz and he’s adapting nicely to van life and adding his distinctive aromas and hairy contribution to our travelling experience. More will follow!

Meet Lukaz

So please bear with us and watch this space for more updates, trips and reviews as we emerge back into the world.

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