The adventure begins soon…….

All being well we will begin by setting off to the north of England in late August, before hand railing the North Coast 500 (NC500), not following it closely, deviating to include the Orkney Islands, Hebrides and Cairngorms. This will serve as a shakedown, not for the van but for us. We haven’t properly lived together for 21 years, due to me working away and anything more than 2 weeks in the van is basically new and uncharted territory. And of course there’s the hairy crocodile, furring up the place and adding various aromas and stupid sloppy cuddles in the morning.

Here’s Lukaz showing of his stinky butt!

2022 is the year we start our travels. Mortgage is paid off, subscriptions to frivolous things cancelled, budgets reviewed. We have both resigned from our jobs, hoping (economic crisis and cost of living allowing) that we can afford to step away from the rat race and exchange money and stress and pressure, for quality of life, scenery and memories🤞🏻

Didn’t cost a penny!

The aim is to wild camp / free camp as much as possible, using various popular apps and Britstops to keep prices as low as possible.

Yes please, more of this!

We have many more mods to Reki to complete and show you, including a move to Lithium leisure batteries and a UV water filtration, before a full strip and service over winter to be ready to head off in Spring, to Scandinavia in order to watch spring become summer!

And this!

Stay tuned for updates on our adventures, kit reviews, van mods and of course you’ve yet to properly meet the furry bellend….

We are all smiling, promise.. That is me smiling….

18 thoughts on “The adventure begins soon…….

  1. Glad you’ve taken the plunge and given up chasing jobs. It has been 6 years since I stopped working full time and now we have two huge dogs most of the time the vans have never been fuller. They both have wild camped several times and no problems. As you are off on nc500ish I guess we won’t see you at at syncropendance . Were looking forward to seeing you 3. Never mind happy travels from very sunny gower.

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    1. Hi Geoff, it has been the plan for some time, but frankly we aren’t without apprehension given the rising cost of inflation and fuel. That said, something had to change and it’s time for quality of life to be important again. Hope you are both well? And two huge dogs?? Are you mad??? Luka already fills every available space with hair and farts!


  2. Looking forward to your adventures. We will try and do a few days with you.
    Interested in the performance of the lithium batteries., thinking it’s my next mod.

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  3. Hi Both

    Nice to hear from you again & good luck with your travels.

    We will look forward reading the write-ups of your travels, and your thoughts on the Lithium batteries and the UV water sterilizers, as they are things we are also considering.

    Best wishes Sheila & Gary

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    1. Great to hear from you guys too! Hope you are well: are you travelling?

      We have loads of kit and upgrades to write up and hopefully we will soon have time in between our travels.


  4. Great to hear about the start of your travelling.
    Travelling with a Syncro camper is THE best way of travelling, as we do during the since 2019. We managed two 60 day trips, and shorter ones of course. for this year we plan going on a 90 day trip starting in the end of September.

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    1. We haven’t done anything over 16 days but we are looking forward to it. Brexit means we can only do 90 days inside the EU, so next year we will have longer itineraries that pop in and out of Europe.

      Do you have a blog?


  5. Happy to see you starting travelling, as travelling with a Syncro is THE best way of all.
    Once used to, it is very easy to go out for trips lasting months. We made two 60 day trips and few shorter ones in the last 3 years, planning to extend this year to a 90 day trip.

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    1. I’m inclined to agree. We want to travel the road less travelled, where only Unimogs and Landrovers travel, without fear. This year in Scotland is to test the van over a longer period and see how we can make it better, before heading off into the beyond! Hopefully we will manage around 60 days+, as next year we will push it further and for much longer.


  6. Happy to see you starting to travel soon, as travelling with a Syncro is THE best way to travel.
    Once used to, travelling for months becomes the desire and way of life. Still working, but we manage 60 day trips, and into longer trips soon.

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  7. Great adventure awaits you all then. Sounds like you are looking forward to it. Cost? I retired from nursing last year and rethought finances massively. State pension not quite yet realised. So a very small NHS monthly pension to get by. But it’s worked so far. You somehow get there. You are so correct. Lifestyle and it’s quality is so important. Going to fetch my Bay 1972 VeeDub today after it’s recent engine/brake work need and MOT. So with you in VeeDub spirit. All the best.

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    1. Great to hear from you.

      We are looking forward to it, but not without trepidation. We are debt free and own our house, so we think the income from my military pension and burning down other savings / smaller pension pots, will be enough until the State pension kicks, in 12 years from now 😩

      I’m way to big for a Bay as much as I love them, but hopefully the Syncro will be less challenging.

      We are sure we will manage, but it’s great hearing from people like you with kind words of encouragement.

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      1. Good to hear from you too. A found quickly that a very comfortable life rhythm soon develops. I also journal write out a few plans and thoughts. Cathartic in it’s ongoing considerations. Helps focus. And of course the WordPress Blog helps focus too. Good luck with your own future plans. Sounds like you are truly positive. All the best. 👍

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  8. Sat at the side of you at Uig ferry terminal. Brilliant blog so far. Good luck on your adventures, I look forward to reading about them.


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