It’s Started!!!!!!!!! Whoop! Whoop!

After lots of talking about it, finally in May 2022 I handed in my notice. I’ve been working since I was 18, first in the military for 24 years and since 2010 for a huge aerospace company, who pay well and within whom I had carved a real niche, running a motivated team and driving the organisation hard. I took pride in my work, mostly enjoyed it and built a strong bond with the team.

Airbus A400M – our big beautiful baby
The Greatest Team!

But it was taking its toll: my fitness is non-existent (3000 steps a day was a good day), high blood pressure, poor diet and little sleep was impacting on my quality of life and of course living away from home strained my relationships. By handing in my notice, I committed myself to taking early retirement and although the Company would have kept me if I asked, I decided enough was enough. On 19th August I finished work and on 15th September after a period of leave, I became unemployed (or retired).

Heavily Photoshopped supposed future version of me (heh, heh!)

Meanwhile Fiona had retired earlier in the year from working as a chef in a nursery, but as I was still working, she stepped in to fill a gap with her employer to allow another member of staff urgent time off. Weeks became months and when I submitted my resignation, she firmed up her final day of work. As it turned out, I stopped work before her, as she became embroiled in helping her employer with an OFSTED inspection (Government schools inspectorate)

We planned to take a week to prepare our first trip: a run around Scotland, hand railing the legendry NC500, but as usual other stuff got in the way. Firstly I decided to add additional leisure batteries and USB-C points, but then found old crimp connectors were falling apart, so I decided to redo them and at the same time fitted a Sterling Battery to Battery charger (reviews will follow).

We finally headed out 2 weeks ago and this is my first chance to write and as I write, I am sat in Stornaway, on the Isle of Lewis having watched the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II and tomorrow we will resume the adventure. Pictures and updates will follow.

Port A Bhaigh

11 thoughts on “It’s Started!!!!!!!!! Whoop! Whoop!

  1. Good luck to you both, we take our hat’s off to you for taking the plunge! After working for so many years, it is a difficult decision to make to retire fully. Make lots of new memories ❤️
    We are in Hushinish, it is stunning.

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